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The Fast and The Hazy: Kiwi Charged

Fruited Hazy IPA with Kiwi and Dragon Fruit

Sometimes you just need to charge up with a little turbo action! The Fast & The Hazy: Kiwi Charged bridges the gap between regular Fast & Hazy and 2 Fast 2 Hazy. We boosted up the hops with a little Citra and Strata, and the. Fermented with Kiwi and dragon fruit. The result is a boldly tropical well balanced hazy ipa. The aroma hits hard with tangy kiwi and floral fruity hops, the taste is ripe tropical fruit balanced out by a soft and pithy bitterness. The dragon fruit rounds out the fruit flavor and adds a slight pink hue. If you live your life a quarter mile at a time, this beer is for you.

Flavor Profile
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